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Our Fearless Mission to mobilize Gen-Z to protect Democracy.

Mission Statement

Fearless Action exists to empower and mobilize young voters, especially in regions that have been historically disadvantaged, seeking to elect representatives who will deliver on issues that impact today’s generation and future generations to come. These pressing issues include climate change, social justice, and an economy that serves all; issues that our representatives in office have often neglected.

Our youth-led organization is committed to build a coalition of progressive voices, inspiring and empowering them to use the power of their vote to elect representatives who will fight for our generation.

We strive to have a representative government composed of individuals with the wellbeing of the electorate at heart, rather than special interests or extremism. Our focus is, and always will be, expanding the electorate and educating young voters on the importance and power of their vote. 

Our Efforts

Our organizing heavily centers on implementing strategies and tactics that are directly applicable to young people. We see a clear opportunity to take advantage of the shifting electorate, concentrating our outreach on voters aged 18-24 and ensuring a strong Democratic turnout.

These efforts will allow us to establish a strong grassroots ground game, ultimately electing Representatives to public office who will deliver on issues that most closely resonate with today’s generation.
All contributions go to hiring and training local organizers in swing districts and states, developing strategic communications to meet voters where they are, building our capacity for outreach, and developing advertisements and social media campaigns to educate voters on the importance of the youth vote and a strong Democratic turnout.


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